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Choosing the Right Backpack and the Benefits of Packing Light

Ruth Jefferson/ May 21, 2018/ Backpacking

Do you love traveling? What about packing? If you are planning to go for some backpacking trip, you need to prepare well. This involves getting the right backpack, travel essentials, and understanding what it takes to get up that mountain. No matter where you are going, owning a light backpack goes a long way in making any adventure a success.  Packing lightly does not only apply to long distance travels, but it also appeals to anyone planning or an adventure. Ideally, a light backpack means that you will have more energy left to navigate the woods. It is also make backpacking is more enjoyable. So how does one choose a light backpack?



If you are shopping for a lightweight backpack, the weight of the bag itself is an essential feature to look for. Picking a bag that is already burdensome means that loading it with travel essentials will make it more cumbersome and less comfortable. When choosing a lightweight unit, see to it that the material used are strong enough so it won’t rip easily. Nylon and Cuben backpacks are light and highly durable.


The size of the bag determines the amount of gear and items you ca pack. A large bag offers you more packing space whereas a smaller one limits the amounts you can carry. As such, as much as a smaller bag might weigh much less, this does not mean that it is convenient for you. Ideally, pick the right size to ensure you carry everything you need without leaving more space.


A waterproof backpack means a lot to any traveler. When navigating around the woods, you need a bag that will protect your valuables in moist and dry conditions. When shopping for a waterproof backpack, see to it that the bag has a waterproof lining and zipper.


Most backpackers prefer bags with many compartments. Ideally, the main chamber should be large enough to store your gear. Additional compartments are meant to provide easy access to items like penknives and anything you might need during an emergency. Also, ensure you have a water holster for easy access to your water bottle to keep you hydrated.

Packing light presents light benefits for a serious backpacker. Choosing a lightweight backpack will make life easy for you by allowing you to move faster, reduce risks of injuries, and provide a comfortable fit for the body. Buying the right backpack will undoubtedly make a difference on the trails.…